I’m obsessed with finding the right words

After 20 years in copywriting, you get to know a lot about finding ways to get messages deeper inside customers’ heads. You develop an instinct for understanding USPs and expressing them in a language customers respond to. You learn how your persuasion, your arguments and your calls to action lead directly to conversions and return customers. I love forming relationships with clients so we can work together to get every job bang on.

I’ve been a professional copywriter throughout the internet era, supplying words that trigger customers’ desires and satisfy the search algorithms. And while those two disciplines might have been in conflict for much of the time, we’ve now reached a sweet period where quality is rewarded by both rankings and the readers – and that’s the true meaning of SEO copywriting. This is where my experience wins. Successful copywriting has one foot in traditional techniques and one in modern technology.

I’m well versed in all forms of copywriting, including:

  • blogs
  • content marketing campaigns
  • infographics
  • direct mail
  • press releases 
  • brochures
  • product and service descriptions
  • headlines
  • branding
  • PR


I’ve worked for 20 years as a freelance, serving the creative, marketing, media and PR sectors in Manchester and beyond.

Every day is different, and it has helped me to develop a keen instinct for interpreting briefs quickly, immersing myself into clients’ stories and becoming a key member of the creative teams

I’ve also worked in-house for four years at PushON, a respected digital marketing and ecommerce agency, where I was instrumental in delivering several award-winning campaigns.

Yes, writing is writing, but the experience of working in-house has proved useful when it comes to time management, team dynamics … and what makes a freelancer a trusted supplier.

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