SEO copywriting

If you’re still writing product and service copy simply to please Google, you’re doing it wrong. Modern SEO copywriting has to speak to humans, but in a way that makes it easy for the search engines to understand the context of the page. Ironically, it is copy that doesn’t try too hard to please the search algorithms that performs best in search, so we can all return to writing great, compelling copy that sells – and use its performance to tweak it in the right direction.

The truth is that the onsite copy is only a part of the picture when it comes to search visibility. Dozens of factors such as page speed, inbound links and mobile friendliness will impact on your position more than keyword density alone. So if you can concentrate on getting those factors in place, I can write copy that converts human visitors into customers.

For four years I worked in-house at one of Manchester’s most respected digital marketing agencies, and understand what makes winning onsite copy. I still work alongside professional SEOs who can perform in-depth analyses of your site and deliver recommendations to you on how to improve your site’s performance; together we can work on content strategies. The collective result should be better rankings, more visits and more conversions.

Frustrated by your conversion rate? Talk to me about getting your site content and optimisation up to date.