You can feel it in your bones. There’s a story inside you that needs to be told.

Perhaps you’re noted in your field, be it sport, entertainment, academia, science … any subject where your fans or your peers would love to read about your triumphs and challenges.

Maybe you’re an everyday person like me who’s been thrown into a situation that has required extraordinary perseverance or graft to overcome.

Or has something so unusual and captivating happened to you that you feel it’d make a brilliant, hilarious or gob-smacking account?

All you’re lacking is the time or the writing skills to put together a structured, engaging piece of work. That’s where the ghostwriter floats in. I’ll sit with you, record you, take notes, absorb your research or diaries and come back with a manuscript that’s ready to submit to publishers or to self-publish. Whether you leave it with me or bounce ideas back and forth over the writing period is up to you. I understand that ideas develop and new angles flash into your imagination or your memory. It all brings the story to life.