Press Release Writing

Even in the digital age, press releases remain a great way to get coverage for your organisation. A well crafted release makes it a no-brainer for an editor or media publisher to include a story about you. And if it’s a widely read publication, that’s like winning thousands of leads.

But editors and owners of popular outlets are overwhelmed with press releases – the more popular the publication, the more intense the bombardment. That’s why you need a press release that stands out. Starting with a great headline, your release should move straight into the main point and make a compelling case for your story to be public information. After you’ve grabbed editors’ attention, they’re primed to dig into the facts, figures and personalities involved.

That is where I can be the difference. Because I’m not part of your organisation, I can see how the things that might be crucially important to you might not be relevant to the outside world. Your Christmas party in Halifax, West Yorkshire is of no interest to anyone in Halifax, Nova Scotia (or Huddersfield, for that matter), so unless there’s an angle that makes it newsworthy, it’s a waste of time.

Abundant Experience

I’ve written hundreds of press releases, for companies as diverse as digital marketing agencies, cartridge retailers, energy specialists and recruitment companies. I can find the angles that connect your story with your public, spoken in a language editors understand – whatever the sector.

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