Stop WPForms emails being sent to your Gmail spam folder

If you’re having all your emails from WPForms sent to your spam box in Gmail, here’s a quick fix. The process will be similar for all forms plugins, but this post relates specifically to my favourite, WPForms.

1. In your WordPress Dashboard, hover over WPForms and select All Forms

2. Select “Edit” on the form you’re using

3. Select “Settings” then “Notifications”

4. You’ll see what the default email subject is, but you can change it. Copy the text (Ctrl+CĀ šŸ’» or Cmd+CĀ šŸ).

5. Open Gmail and click the cog wheel in the top right, then select “Settings” from the drop-down

6. Select “Filters and blocked addresses” then scroll to the bottom and select “Create a new filter”


7. Paste (Ctrl+V šŸ’» or Cmd+V šŸ) or type the exact name from step 4 into the “Subject” section and click “Create filter”

Note: Make sure you haven’t selected any extra spaces in the original copy. The Subject has to be an exact sample of the subject line that is sent with your site’s emails. You can, however, select part of the original. In the example above, you could have the filtered subject as just “Simple Contact Form” and it would still work. Note that the smaller your filtered subject is, the more chance there is of spam emails reaching your inbox. If you simply entered the word “Simple” in the Subject box, for example, then any spam emails containing the word “Simple” in the subject would get through to your inbox.

8. Tick “Never send it to spam” and click “Create filter”

Note: This is also a good opportunity to make sure the emails coming from your site’s form stand out from the rest. For example, you can star them or apply a label ā€“ it’s not an either/or choice. If you tick the “Also apply filter to x matching conversations” box, Gmail will find all the older emails that match the Subject line and apply your new rules to them.

9. That’s it ā€“ you’re done. Go to your site and send yourself a test email.

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